August has a focus on property

August is about looking for long-term solutions for property in High Wycombe.

Everyone agrees that we need to reduce the amount of vacant commercial space in the town centre.  However, not everything that appears vacant is actually available.  Some have long-term rental agreements, some are not marketed and some are out-of-reach of those interested in terms of property costs.  Like we said, our Enterprise HQ will be in a property that still had 38 years left to expire on a lease!

HWBIDCo  has put together research on the vacant spaces, where this information is available.  We are now actively talking to the owners of some key properties in the BID Area to see if we can reach consensus on the future use of these buildings.  These are the Brunel Shed (Chiltern Railways), The Antelope (Enterprise Inns) and the Old Library (County Council).  We want these buildings filled and are building good working relationships with the owners.

Don't forget our annual food event, Wycombe Harvest. being held Saturday 6th September in the High Street.  This year we are holding a "town feast" so don't eat for three days before and join us for a bite to eat and good conversation.  We will have a range of hot and cold food vendors prepped and ready to feed you brunch, high tea and dinner in a huge marquee by the Guildhall.

Check out our event website for more details.

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