HWBIDCo Year Four and a Shared Vision for the town

HWBIDCo Ltd is nearing the end of its third year of operation.

We have a five-year mandate before businesses in High Wycombe town centre are required to vote in an independent ballot to determine our future.  This means that we have two more years, the final one of which will see HWBIDCo launch a prospectus for a second BID Term.

We are asking all businesses, and other stakeholders and interested parties for their opinions on the work that we do (or areas of activity that they feel are currently omitted from our business plan).  We are also asking for people to share their aspirations for the town. We feel that the time is right for us to instigate formal discussions about a shared town vision that will determine the future economic offer of the wider town centre.  We are offering you the chance to contribute.

We want to know your honest thoughts so no structured Survey Monkey questionnaire.  Tell us what you think, honestly.  Remember, we are an independent, not-for-profit, company so potentially have the scope to do pretty much anything that benefits the town, dependent upon budget and any statutory permissions such as planning consent etc.  We are governed by the businesses and other stakeholders so are accountable to the town.

Email me at oliver@hwbidco.co.uk and I will respond to your suggestions and ideas.

Our new giant flower pots have gone into Pauls Row and Church Street recently, complete with apple trees.  Tell us what you think...

Our free, weekly, cardboard collection scheme is growing rapidly now that we have our own electric vehicle.  We currently work with almost seventy different businesses in the town centre as part of our portfolio of exclusive benefits for BID Area companies.

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