September already - where did the year go?!

September, as always, is a mad month for us!

September is our year-end so lots to do corporately.  We have a Board meeting that will discuss signing-off Year Two and agreeing a draft plan for Year Three.  We will also be agreeing new Board Director responsibilities for different areas of work.  Just about to go to the printers is our Infographic document that will be sent out with the Year Three bills in October, providing every levy payer with the headlines of the last year. 

In terms of projects, our annual Wycombe Harvest event takes place in the High Street (6th September), issue 2 of our resident magazine "Hi" will go to print and we have the small matter of getting this unit (Enterprise HQ) up-and-running with a selection of exciting new businesses.  At least the major structural works are complete - now for electrics and flooring...

Don't forget our annual food event, Wycombe Harvest. being held Saturday 6th September in the High Street.  This year we are holding a "town feast" so don't eat for three days before and join us for a bite to eat and good conversation.  We will have a range of hot and cold food vendors prepped and ready to feed you brunch, high tea and dinner in a huge marquee by the Guildhall.

Check out our event website for more details.

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