HWBIDCo Year Five and Renewal Campaign 2017

HWBIDCo Ltd will soon be in the final year of its first five-year BID Term.

Time has flown by and we have delivered solidly against our original Business Proposal.  The town has evolved significantly over the last five years and we have had to be flexible, and smart, to accommodate some of these changes.

For us to continue for another five year Term, all businesses in the town centre must be allowed to vote on our future.  An independent ballot will be held in June 2017 and every business rate bill will be equivalent to a vote.  If we get a majority of those who choose to vote, voting positively, then we continue.  If we fail to achieve a majority we close down.  We are not a default position.

Over the next nine months we will be talking to everyone, asking your opinion and publishing a business proposal upon which you should be making your decision.  Check out our timetable for renewal.  Make sure we have your contact details so that you are kept informed.  We also have Board members from most areas of the town to whom you can talk.



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