Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Enterprise HQ

(click on the picture (above) for a scrapbook of images of Shaida Designs in Enterprise HQ)

Enterprise HQ is open.  Here is our press release on our first occupiers.  Local young entrepreneurs who believe that their business will benefit from a short-stay in a prominent town centre location have booked their time in the unit, and we're looking for others to follow them

You could be a start-up business looking to market test your idea, product or service in High Wycombe.  You might have traded online or at trade shows already and are looking to take the first step onto the High Street.  You could be established in another town and looking to expand.  We're making the 600sq ft. ground floor space in 9-10 Church Street (and 400 sq ft first floor) available to hire, short-term, on an inclusive license.


If you think that the space might be too big, you could share with colleagues or we could hook you up with others who've expressed an interest.  Email Gemma now gemma@hwbidco.co.uk to start the conversation.

Why are we doing this?

  • To energise the debate about the future of the town centre and what it should become i.e. are we happy with an offer dominated by pay-day loan companies, betting shops and charity shops or do we have some higher aspirations?
  • Encourage entrepreneurs, business start-ups and new businesses to the “high street” to consider High Wycombe as a viable option in which to locate;
  • Support those with potential to grow and to become established new businesses in the town centre;
  • Document a process that can be used as an educational tool with schools and young people organisations;
  • Re-animate/fill empty commercial units in the town centre;
  • Encourage young people to consider starting their own businesses as a viable alternative to gaining employment;
  • Diversify the offer of the wider town centre to both customer and employee. 


Who have we had in our incubator unit so far?

  • November 2014: Wycombe Sound, Community Radio Station;
  • December 2014: Crime Clothing, US Streetwear;
  • February 2015: Shaida Designs, Islamic Art;
  • March 2015: Jake Simpson, Fine Art and Youth Art Mentoring exhibition;
  • March 2015: SMC Energy, Solar energy comes to the high street;
  • April 2015: Crime Clothing, US Streetwear;
  • April 2015: Shannon , Fine Art - Body Dysmorphia;
  • May 2015: Tinache, Banana Street Food, winner of BNU enterprise challenge;
  • May 2015: Lauren Hope, The Hope Centre;
  • May 2015: Shaida Designs, Islamic Art;
  • May 2015: Wycombe Fringe, Harmonic and Orchestra workshops;
  • May 2015: Bucks County Council, Community Spending consultation with eight project partners;
  • May 2015: Red Shed Society 2016;
  • June 2015: Bisoux Jewellery;
  • June 2015: Jake Simpson, the Return
  • July 2015 to March 2016: Lilymae's Play Cafe


What have people said about their experience in our space...

Why did we choose 9-10 Church Street?

  • The property had stood empty for over eight years and had fallen into a state of disrepair;
  • The lease had thirty-eight years left to run, with an absent tenant paying an on-going rent, so there was no incentive for the landlord to fill the void;
  • The extensive dilapidation works required to bring the unit up to spec for a new tenant were such that this would have deterred all but the most hardened of small businesses;
  • The unit is in a prime location in the town centre and has a reasonably high public profile due to the iconic mural painting that adorned the frontage - representing all that was vacant in the town;
  • HWBIDCo worked with Wycombe District Council to free up the property, enabling the unit to be used again for a positive purpose;
  • The property has a good chance of finding a long-term tenant if, and when, Enterprise HQ moves on and potentially repeats the exercise in another property. 

Did you know that we crowd-funded our project!

We Need You!

Help us turn an empty shop into a buzzing hub for entrepreneurs!

We've created a space where imaginations can be unleashed and bright business ideas brought to life.

Our new Enterprise HQ is allowing budding entrepreneurs to share business ideas, get advice, and access support and test their ideas in the real world.  Whether designing and selling clothes, showcasing art, creating new smartphone apps, setting up a radio station, or cooking culinary treats to service hungry traders, the bright ideas are out there. We just need you.

Download our tenant profile form and contact us to discuss your ideas.  We can then look at whether our space is suitable for you.