Monday, September 24, 2018

Improving the offer of the town

The offer of the town is vitally important and is one of the key factors that will influence whether people choose to come to High Wycombe, how long they might spend here, where they go and most importantly, whether they return.

At present, this area of work comprises the following:

  • Development of a robust calendar of events
  • Positive use of the infrastructure of the town
  • Animation of public spaces

As part of this work, we have established two, new, branded major events for the town centre, one in early summer (Frogfest) and one in the autumn (Wycombe Harvest).  Both tap into key strategic agendas for the town, (food, music and culture), and have the potential to grow and evolve in line with the aspirations of the town.

HWBIDCo works closely with the District Council’s Safety Advisory Group (SAG) to ensure that these events follow good practice in terms of health and safety and event management.  It will therefore expect others proposing to use public space to uphold similar professional standards.  Our event activity provides significant learning and performance opportunities for those studying locally.

Work continues to realise opportunities provided by the numerous national awareness days.  Where these offer scope to work with particular business sectors, HWBIDCo will develop a range of ideas and proposals for businesses to consider.

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