Monday, September 24, 2018

Commercial Space Guide for Start-Ups

HWBIDCo has published a new guide.  It is targeted at business start-ups and those who are considering taking on the responsibility of commercial premises for the first time.

HWBIDCo is pulling together a package of measures to address commercial space in High Wycombe town centre and the Guide is important in that it encourages potential tenants to consider their options prior to making financial commitments and beginning to trade.

The Guide is intended to clarify the issues that businesses will need to consider when thinking about commercial space.  Handy flow charts are provided.  These flow charts challenge the reader to consider the type of premises they think will suit their business and the depth of research that they will need to present to agents and landlord in order to convince them of their potential to be a good tenant.

Other useful information includes a financial checklist, a sample lease and a list of key contacts in the town centre.

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