Monday, September 24, 2018

Confiscated IDs

HWBIDCo works with licensees and door staff to reduce the likelihood of young people, who are under-age, seeking to gain entry to pubs in High Wycombe town centre.  This contributes positively to our Purple Flag accreditation and protects our businesses from potential prosecution.

All venues will only accept passports or driving licences as proof of identity.

Delivered through the business security partnership, the Confiscated ID scheme is a robust way of deterring individuals from breaking the law.  Those caught with fake or “borrowed” IDs will have them confiscated.  Each offender will then be given a business card with instructions on how the rightful owner can retrieve their document.

HWBIDCo will retain the ID for up to ten days, in line with regulations.  At the end of this period the ID will be returned to the issuing body i.e. the DVLA or Passport Office.  The rightful owner will need to collect the ID from Little Market House (by appointment) and bring another form of ID to confirm identity.

Fraudulent use of ID is a criminal offence and could result in the review of a license or a personal fine for bar-staff, should it be proved that either had been aware of an individual being under-age.

If your venue is in the BID Area and you would like to join the scheme, or would like your supply of business cards replenished, please contact Charlie, our Town Ranger at

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