We have published our Renewal Proposal!!

HWBIDCo exists because of its democratic mandate.

Every five years all business ratepayers get to vote on whether the town has a Business Impovement District company to deliver all of the added-value work that would not otherwise be done by anyone else.The company also spends a long time lobbying for, and supporting, local businesses.

This June businesses get to decide the future of HWBIDCo.

Radio Interview on Wycombe Sound 16.01.17.

Radio Interview on Wycombe Sound 31.05.17.

The Renewal Proposal document sets out what the company has done over the last five years and what it intends to do if it achieves a second five-year mandate until 2022.

If you don't vote you dont get to have an opinion so look out for your voting papers that will come through the door ready for the 5th June when the postal ballot opens.


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